Want to be part of the Women’s Circle?

Hello, I’m Wera. It’s so nice to have you here!

I help women of all shape and size ignite their Sacred Feminine, feel the energy of the Moon, reclaim their cycle, and raise their energy vibration.

I have been working as a yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher for the past few years. Running regular yoga classes, organizing workshops and hosting mindful yoga retreats has always been pure pleasure, as it enabled me the face to face interaction with so many gorgeous women.

At the moment I strive to combine the knowledge that I would like to spread through the visual media – in the form of illustrations and infographics. I believe you are as good of a teacher as you are able to really transfer the knowledge to the listener. And isn’t there a better way to educate through pictures?

Have a look at “my jam”!

My Yoga
My Yoga

I am a teacher and practicioner of Japanese Zen Yoga and Korean Meridian Yoga.

In my teaching experience I have found the most perfect balance between combining the Zen Buddhist philosophy of Zen Yoga along with the meridian and energy exercises originating from the Korean Dahn Yoga. The “glue” for both is the practice of Mindfulness and meditation.

My Art
My Art

I create whimsical illustrations on my iPad Pro. I love collaborating with small businesses with sustainable ideas.

I love painting yogis and mindful moments. I have also found that teaching can reach people’s understanding better when you put the knowledge in pictures. I hope you will enjoy my infographics on topics such as the Sacred Feminine, meditation, or crystals, just to name a few.

My Sisterhood
My Sisterhood

I help women improve their quality of life by educating about the somehow forgotten truths and rituals.

I want to spread the words of empowerment that by returning to such practices as tracking and understanding your lunar cycle, or cultivating the practice of Women’s Circles, we can come back to our True Self.
It is indeed possible to bring the Sacred Feminine into everyday life.

I’d love to hear from you!