About Me

Hi! My name is Wera.

Weronika Salach

I am a yoga and meditation instructor, as well as an illustrator artist.

I practice and teach a Buddhist Zen Yoga merged with the meridian practice of the Korean Dahn Yoga. In a few keywords?

  • Mindfulness
  • Buddhist philosophy
  • Meridian exercises and accupressure
  • Five elements and Yin Yang
  • All levels, no prior knowledge neccessary

Zen City on Facebook and Youtube

I run a FB page Zen Yoga with Wera and a YouTube channel along with the Zen & Draw series about mindfulness and the Peace od Mind, as well as guided meditations.

Retreats and workshops

One of the best parts ever, is that I organize workshops and retreats, like this exciting 7 Days Retreat in Portugal or series of workshops for women “The Woman of Power” (currently in Polish but open to be taught in English and German).


I teach on Skillshare where you can also find tutorials on health, mindfulness and meditation. Quite recently I published there a class on meditation: Meditation 101 – The Ultimate FAQ where I provide some valuable insights to the most frequent confusions around meditating.